Southeastern Massachusetts
Pine Barrens Alliance (SEMPBA)

Our Mission: Building alliances to better protect, enhance and celebrate the beautiful Southeastern Massachusetts Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Ecoregion.

Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Map *The largest Pine Barrens is the New Jersey Pine Barrens, ~326,000 acres).  Our pine barrens cover about 100,000 acres. Long Island used to be in 2nd place but development has left New York with less coastal pine barrens than Mass.
Pine Barrens Natural Communities Map
The Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens of Massachusetts extends along the shore from Duxbury to Provincetown, and includes Cape Cod, Nantucket Island, and Martha's Vineyard, with twenty-eight towns within the region.

Southeastern Massachusetts contains the second-largest Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Ecoregion remaining in the world.* 

Massachusetts has lost approximately two–thirds of the original Pine Barrens to development. With only about 45,000 acres protected from development, we need to do a better job of reducing the factors that are degrading the landscape and threatening biodiversity. Fire suppression, off–road vehicles, invasive plants and pests, pesticides and herbacides, landscaping with non–native plants, are taking a toll on the indigenous plants and animals.

Despite the challenges, we believe that education, cooperative action and love can preserve and restore the beauty and unique character of southeastern Massachusetts.

Join SEMPBA and help save an entire ecoregion.

SEMPBA Community Conservation Center The SEMPBA Community Conservation Center 204 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA 02360. Your group is welcome to meet in our office. For details, drop by, email or call

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SEMPBA Volunteers—we'll try anything to save the pine barrens
SEMPBA Volunteers—we'll try just about anything to save the pine barrens!

Join the effort to save the Greater Pine Barrens of Southeastern Massachusetts. Here's how